Premiere - 2002 
Production - 2002 (Modernization - 2005 and 2007.). 
Production - Germany.
Warranty - 24 months. 
The number of cars sold in Russia in 2008 - 999. 

Audi A8 - Car German company, Audi AG. This class car, here - big size and excellent technical characteristics. The first generation car appeared in 1994 as a replacement Audi V8. 

It was first shown in February 1994. A8 - the world's first luxury cars ", produced a great series.Cars with front or all-wheel quattro drive, self-supporting body made of aluminum alloy, manufactured by technology Audi Space Frame ® has a rich equipment based electronics and modern technology. 

2.8 quattro all-wheel modification came in 1995. In June of that year established a new engine 3,7 V8. In January 1996, appears the engine 2,8 V6 30 valves (193 hp). 

Extended Completion of all modifications A8 series. Until 1996 the air conditioning was part of standard equipment, only vehicles equipped with the Group of Eight. Now air-conditioned Vacations can enjoy and the owners of vehicles with 6-cylinder engines. The front-drive version equipped with the optional ABS, four side airbags (plus airbags for driver and front passenger). 

The new range of engines in 1997 - is primarily a V-shaped six-cylinder diesel engine with turbocharger and direct injection. Its working volume is 2.5 liters, and output of 150 hp Poise, power quality, as well as economic indicators put 2,5 TDI engine in line with the best engines in its class. In addition, the A8 is available with 2.8-liter six-cylinder engine, as well as the V-shaped "figure eight" working volume of 3,7 and 4,2 l power of 230 and 300 hp respectively. Cars can be equipped with a manual gearbox or five-step "automatic" company ZF. 

Model S8 is a particularly fast version of the A8 and is equipped with a V-shaped "figure eight" high to 340 hp power and manual 6-speed gearbox. 

In November 1998, Germany presented a new modification of the Audi A8, in June 1999 appeared a model with more power, in February 2000 - with a new engine 2,5 V6 TDI (180 hp..). 

Body of the car is completely made of light alloy technology Audi Space Frame ®. In the frame of welded aluminum profiles, aluminum panels are mounted - the wings, roof, sidewall. All parts are made of special aluminum alloy, which is not subject to corrosion, easily recyclable and better absorb the impact energy. Front and rear suspensions are independent, four lever collected on a stretcher. 

The upgraded version looks different from previous new radiator grilles, modified bumpers and door handles, as well as headlamps with a smooth glass. In general, the differences are not clearly visible. Several redesigned bodywork. 

ESP is now available in full-scale equipment. The richly decorated interior is equipped with airbags to head for the front and rear occupants. The newly designed interior lighting interior. 

Eight-cylinder engine equipped with the new heads with five valves per cylinder and variable intake tract length. As a result, engine output capacity of 3.7 liters increased to 191 kW and torque - up to 350 Nm and engine power 4.2 liter - up to 228 kW, torque - 410 Nm. 

To reduce unsprung weight and improved handling characteristics of drive wheels also made of aluminum alloy. 

The most high specification differs from the turbo diesel Audi A8: power 150hp, torque above 310 nm, and it remains the highest record in a broad range of speed (from 1500 to 3200), fuel consumption is at a speed of 90, 120 km / h in the urban cycle - 4,4; 5,7, 8,5 l per 100 km. 

Germany's Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder chose specially built for the long wheelbase Audi A8 representation cars Mercedes, traditionally enjoyed by the German chancellor. 

In 2000, the family A8 supplemented by two new diesel power units of 180 and 225 hp Now the program includes five A8 engines 180-310 hp, three of which can be installed on front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive chassis. We note in particular Europe's first 3.3-liter diesel engine type V8 engine 225 hp, which makes the A8 3.3TDI a kind of "diesel" express, ideally suited for economical driving on motorways. This powertrain is completed with only a 5-speed "automatic" and only on the chassis Quattro. Its maximum speed reaches 242 km / h, acceleration from zero to 100 km / h - 8,2 s and the fuel consumption of conventional suburban European driving cycle - only 7.3 l/100 km against 8.9 l/100 km for 260-strong petrol counterpart. 

The most prestigious is extended for 130 mm equipment A8 Quattro 4,2 engine to 310 hp The machine can have exclusive interior and to be performed as "office on wheels". 

Interestingly, even in this class at Audi have a special "sport" version of S8. At first, she staffed with only a manual 6-speed gearbox, but later appeared quite natural, and 5-step "automatic» Tiptronic, equipped with the system DSP, making it possible to "manual" gear shifting. Chassis S8 is different 18-inch wheels and a stiffer suspension with a decrease of 20 mm ground clearance. The machine is designed for wealthy people who prefer to personally drive. The level of safety and comfort of S8 is very high. 

The technical level of the top models Audi has been increasing steadily. Now fans of limousines with aluminum body proposed modification of the most powerful - Audi A8 W12 - equipped with a 6.0-liter 12-cylinder engine of 420 hp.


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